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{Friday, September 19, 2008 . M.I.A. - Galang (w/ lyrics)}

This woman makes me laugh, a lot. She is completely mad.

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{Thursday, September 18, 2008 . }

My trademark procrastinating habit is rearing its ugly head, as I have 15 days to when I leave, I haven't started packing and the buggers at York have yet to send me my accommodation details. I am beginning to hate British people at their lack of competency. And they introduced bureaucracy to us! Adding to that, I am leaving next week for 3 days to good ol' Bangkok with my folks for some R&R, giving me even lesser time to catch up with things I have to do and people I want to meet before leaving.

On the bright side, my visa is done, my ticket is done. I can literally sit on the plane and leave, provided my folks hand me some cash and instructions as to how to get somemore when I am there. I was reading up on the manuals and various handbooks the university's website has and I came across this , information on how to apply and access my very own loan! I am sure the interest rates are atrocious, but I have been entertaining thoughts of financing my own way through the 1 year. Of course, pragmatism dictates that I might as well pay my folks back when I start earning. Still, not having to run back to Daddy for more cash is a very attractive idea.

LORD knows I have TONNES to do when I get there. I have to start looking up jobs, or PHD vacancies the moment I land as deadlines will draw nearer and I will need to sort out things like recommendations and application details. Not to mention schoolwork and the vast number of projects and assignments that is going to take up time. I am prepared to say that while it was entertaining and exciting to think that I could travel and visit everyone I know in Europe in one year, I am very likely to take a maximum of 1 vacation, and I really want to do that trip to Amsterdam for my birthday in March. Nothing says celebration than hanging out in a party town with your buds. And given that it is in March, that would give me ample time to convince people to come along. I hope.

Today I am going to resume more reading (which I started a while back but abandoned in between for completely gluttonous TV-viewing reasons) on topics such as Machine Learning, and any amount of Statistics I can even handle. Lord knows it (Statistics) is fucking boring, and I am screwed 'cause a lot of my course requires a strong grasp of it. I am praying that my Math lecturer for the first term course is very good. I have learned through the last 6 years that I am definitely an audio-learner, rather than a visual one.

Lastly to appease some of my hormone drive girl friends who do read this, I shall post a photo of the nephew-kins. Be prepared to oogle and coo embarassingly at your screens.

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{Monday, September 15, 2008 . Saturday Night Live - Fey and Pohler as Palin and Clinton}


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{Friday, September 12, 2008 . }

Putting all your MP3s you have ever owned (of the ones you can find) in one spot is a fantastic feeling. I have 9.8 GB of music right now, most of which I have not heard in awhile and it's dizzying just going through track after track. This after I've stopped listening to a lot of new music out now.

A few gems I have discovered that I have:

Chris Cornell's acoustic Unplugged in Sweden of his Soundgarden hit, Black Hole Sun
The two Electric Soft Parade albums I procured a year ago
Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang
All The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Sting (& The Police), Asian Dub Foundation that I own

Mmmmm...Now I am ready to go to York. :D


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{Sunday, August 31, 2008 . Joy Division - Love will tear us apart}

I have been listening to this because I think it is the song to listen to when you're feeling down. Something about the chords click with the mood. There's a nice cover of this song by the band Nouvelle Vague here :

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{Friday, August 29, 2008 . }

I am watching Tristan + Isolde, despite not watching it deliberately when it was out in cinemas because of my new-found fascination to James Franco.It is terribly difficult for me to take him seriously in his weak English accent, it's sending me to fits of giggles everytime he speaks on screen. This has also given me an idea for a blog post on JRM vs. JF. More on that when I actually work on it.


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{Thursday, August 28, 2008 . }

I was trying to clear out the gunk my room has accumulated, in the efforts to clean it and I found this note I had written and passed to a friend during a lecture way back in our undergraduate days and I thought I would just transcribe it here out of sentimentality's sake.


Dear A,
How are you, my lovely? Ha ha, I haven't written a note to anyone during class in a long while, used to do it in school like everyday =P. Anyways, lovely to also see that we are able to make faces to each other even though you're seated so far away. This lecture is killing me precisely because I cannot tolerate the lunatic's lame jokes and 30-year old long-winded habits. Even thought I have the notes for this lecture in front of me, I am not even motivated t take down anything he is saying. How was it last night? Did anything dirty ;)? I just watched T.V., The Amazing Race 5, which is awesome. Was so exhausted last night, coming back from friend's place in Tanglin, only to be smsed later at night that she wasn't going :(. How typical of that silly girl! Which reminds me, day before yesterday, I had my first drink in almost a month (whoops, actually stopped to listen to the man). And the drink happened to be "wine" with only 1/2% of alc. >.<! Dad opened the bottle to toast for Bhabhi's b'day but Mom and Bhabhi were like..."no alc." which I tell you was COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Oh well, family dramas...=P. The point is...I need to go out soon!! =(. Btw, drawing smilies like on comp. 'cos it's fun!! =DDD! Oh lame joke: Don't I just put FUN in DA MENTAL? :D! Oh, look at you, concentrating real hard on wat luny is saying. Maybe I shall end this letter soon, I am reaching a sort of writing-block anyway (or is it writer's block?). Today is my bro's b'day so gonna buy a card later :P. Ok, ok, now on to Sampling Variation... Love Ya Loads!
5 AUG 2004

- In reply -

Hey babes! hehe was pleasantly surprised with your note! It's been ages since ive received one and written one! And I know it's sad tht I have used this crumpled paper again for my reply...I don't have paper on me! =)
I know exactly wht u mean abt loony Lun's lectures! It's bloody painful sitting through hthis shit and I have no idea how we are gonna do it for the rest of the semester! Die! die!
And no, I didn't do any dirty last night contrary to 'popular' belief! I watched the amazing race too (man, I wish one day I could go on a race like tht! Tht would be awesome!). Then I did some reading (The Devil Wears Prada - interesting bk!). After which I was interrupted with a phonecall from V - spoke to him for hours - been ages since we've gotten the chance to update each other! Haven't seen each other for nearly a month now! And tht idiot is jetting off again next wk to Lagos and sadly, wont be back till next year! Oh well, stupid rich kids! hehe. Anyhoot, glad to know u've been meeting up with your friends..oops looks like I missed a line...haha well dont have tht much more to say anyway. I havent gone out in a while in clubbing..but frank;y, im pretty sick of clubbing here for now, did quite a lot over the hols in London too../ so I'll stay clear of clubs for a while. As for drinking, hehe, now, tht I will not stay clear of! Planning to chill at Equinox tomm hopefully, will get to fulfill my body's alcohol craving!
Looking forward to watching The Village tomm..its been getting a lot of rave reviews!
okay I'm running out of things to say now, so I shall big you farewell now. Enjoy your day ahead sweetie and wish your Bhabhi a happy belated bday and your bro a happy bday frm me! Take care & keep smiling! :)
Hugs & <3,

I think I now remember why I failed that module despite it being damn easy, as I did for loads of classes in Uni. Wahahahaha.

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