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{Thursday, September 18, 2008 . }

My trademark procrastinating habit is rearing its ugly head, as I have 15 days to when I leave, I haven't started packing and the buggers at York have yet to send me my accommodation details. I am beginning to hate British people at their lack of competency. And they introduced bureaucracy to us! Adding to that, I am leaving next week for 3 days to good ol' Bangkok with my folks for some R&R, giving me even lesser time to catch up with things I have to do and people I want to meet before leaving.

On the bright side, my visa is done, my ticket is done. I can literally sit on the plane and leave, provided my folks hand me some cash and instructions as to how to get somemore when I am there. I was reading up on the manuals and various handbooks the university's website has and I came across this , information on how to apply and access my very own loan! I am sure the interest rates are atrocious, but I have been entertaining thoughts of financing my own way through the 1 year. Of course, pragmatism dictates that I might as well pay my folks back when I start earning. Still, not having to run back to Daddy for more cash is a very attractive idea.

LORD knows I have TONNES to do when I get there. I have to start looking up jobs, or PHD vacancies the moment I land as deadlines will draw nearer and I will need to sort out things like recommendations and application details. Not to mention schoolwork and the vast number of projects and assignments that is going to take up time. I am prepared to say that while it was entertaining and exciting to think that I could travel and visit everyone I know in Europe in one year, I am very likely to take a maximum of 1 vacation, and I really want to do that trip to Amsterdam for my birthday in March. Nothing says celebration than hanging out in a party town with your buds. And given that it is in March, that would give me ample time to convince people to come along. I hope.

Today I am going to resume more reading (which I started a while back but abandoned in between for completely gluttonous TV-viewing reasons) on topics such as Machine Learning, and any amount of Statistics I can even handle. Lord knows it (Statistics) is fucking boring, and I am screwed 'cause a lot of my course requires a strong grasp of it. I am praying that my Math lecturer for the first term course is very good. I have learned through the last 6 years that I am definitely an audio-learner, rather than a visual one.

Lastly to appease some of my hormone drive girl friends who do read this, I shall post a photo of the nephew-kins. Be prepared to oogle and coo embarassingly at your screens.

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omgg!! sandhyyaa! he's tooooo cute!
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