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{Thursday, May 27, 2004 . }


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmmm...close enough to my real personality type, eh? :P

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{Thursday, May 20, 2004 . }

Faeries are sweet loving beings who love to help
people. They are not held back by reality and
love to dream and fly around. You probably are
very creative and although not the most popular
person in the world you are probably loved by
many for your sweet caring personality.

What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

I think I took this quiz because I liked the pictures very much....fancy me being a

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{Wednesday, May 19, 2004 . } my first pay from tutoring, not very much, but all going to the buy-a-bass-and-amp-fund. Quite satisfying and hopefully, am blowing it on something worthwhile...then again, wouldn't quite be blowing would it?

Anyways, would prolly be nice if I put up the pic of it from the auction site. Here goes...

Well...I am actually getting it tmrw so I hope it looks exactly like that...if it doesn't then a bad rating for the seller and...well, too bad for me.

The real crunch comes when I actually start doing all the learning and practising. It's going to be a challenge and it's going to take alot of concentration because I am known to give up on things that I lose interest in, or find daunting. I think, it's about time I learnt something new...and I hope my passion can get me somewhere with this.

On other news...I hope this lady wins...

Peace out for now.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now a proud owner of an electric bass guitar



I have no money left this week to get an amplifier for it...X)

The tragedy that is life...

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{Tuesday, May 18, 2004 . }

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @

Can't wait for the Prisoner of Azkaban, the movie to be out, it's my favourite book out of the 5 Harry Potter books out. :)

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{Friday, May 14, 2004 . }

Okay, unless I get my pocket money today...I am officially broke beyond brokenness. No one can fix me up lie Humpty Dumpty unless they gimme the cash.


On other news,
Congress and its allies won the elections in India,
There's gonna be a Bollywood Celebrity Match in Singapore next Friday and

On other other news,
I have been getting strange political dreams.

First up, on Congress winning elections in India:
Probably means that Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born wife of the late Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, is going to be Prime Minister which is a somewhat scandalous issue in India. Secondly, I don't really give a rat's ass about Indian politics but if they are heading towards having another war or making the poor poorer etc. then that's just horrid isn't it?

Secondly, on Bollywood actors playing Soccer against veteran Singaporean players in Singapore in conjunction with the Indian Film Awards that are going to be held here:
Why??? I cricket, then you will have some chance of being remotely entertaining. Not only that, I don't want to be in the midst of hordes of girls (and loads of Malay ones who watch Bollywood movies without knowing a word of Hindi and screaming along to the songs and the actors unknowingly screaming back to them in Hindi thinking that they must be understanding it and all the catfights for the stuff being thrown at them and...sounds familiar? *cough cough* JRock fans *cough*) who don't know the first thing about the beautiful game of footie. sigh~

Thirdly, my political dreams:
I meant it as in NIGHTMARES. Yeah, like women in the Middle East being attacked by Militia with like the whole mortar attack mode of violence just because women are doing better than men in the more liberated society, owning businesses and driving cars while the poor (men) getting jealous..and like...violence basically with the whole Iraq war backdrop etc. WHY ME???

I am a very disturbed person, I know...Must be all the job-hunting and moneylessness and general boredom...sigh~

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{Tuesday, May 11, 2004 . }

Hmm..had to redo my tagboard because it was down..sigh~
Tag people!!!

On other news, job hunting is hard...especially when all the jobs out there are like commission-based and like scheming or something, underpaying and really beyond the likes of myself. Especially the coordinating tutoring>.<. Oh well.

I have realised that chocolate covered sunflower seeds are absolutely scrumptious.

Must must must indulge in them today! :)

And oh looky...what did I find on the article on the fashion boo-boos from university girls written by an NTU student:

The wrong bag + the wrong shoes = The wrong outfit
One of my best friends asked me, "Who cares about your shoes? No one's going to look at your feet!" She's dead wrong. Your bag and shoes are ultimately the finishing touches to your whole outfit and wearing the wrong accessories would just make your whole image fall flat. So, pay special attention to what you sport on your feet and what you sling over your shoulders. For example, don't pair a slip dress with Teva-style sports sandals and a guyish backpack. And no, high heels do not go with your micro miniskirt because you are not Gisele Bundchen and neither are you a KTV hostess.
For more, click here.

and more!

Certain schools in our local universities hold reputations for boasting the best-dressed female students. Among these are the faculties of Arts & Social Sciences (NUS), Business (both NUS and NTU) and Communication Studies (NTU). It is touted that girls from these faculties stand out in their dressing amidst their fellow counterparts in other schools. Some observers have even gone a step further by saying that they can tell which faculty a female student is from by just looking at what she is wearing.For more, click here.

I beg to disagree with the last paragraph because School of Biological Sciences in NTU actually dress really well because they have the likes of me, Iman, Aparna, Harpreet, Alison and loads more people who dress well...ahahahahaha....oh whatever.
'Nuff for now

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{Sunday, May 09, 2004 . }

So here I am again, with my exams over yesterday and all.


*ends screaming*


The trick now lies in spending three months of vacations fruitfully...and the biggest obstacle that's ahead of me is getting a job...Now...getting a for the likes of myself.

I find it absolutely daunting to just ring someplace up and go...

"Hi...I need a job, do you have any openings?"

I seem to get mental images of my butt getting kicked by a spiked boot on the other end, especially if it's something I really want to do.
Then of course, there's trying to get an internship, ya know, those assholically low paying jobs people do just for the experience. Firstly, the application forms are mammoth, almost like applying for university all over again (something I found to be the biggest chore ever). Then there's also the question of actually being competent at what you have to do, in my case, to be a laboratory biologist.

*enter me in laboratory at critical point in experiment*
Professor: spread the culture on the gel....NOOOOO NOOOOO....not on imbecile!!! AARRGGGHHHHH I AMM....HELPPP!!!!!!
*end of story*

If I really had it my way, and like an endless supply of cash and no hassle of receiving parental approval (which is the worst thing to have on your mind being the age I am, a real shame it is), I would

a) TRAVEL!!!

I guess I could do all of that in very slight (moderate if I am lucky) amounts.
Before that, must make plans...good plans, evil plans, plans that will work, plans that will solve problems, many many plans to make.....hmmmmmm....or just forgeddaboudit!

well, at least the exams are over....phewwwwww

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{Monday, May 03, 2004 . }

This is a band I have been wanting to watch live for the longest! They are a drum 'n' bass group and do loads of remixes for example Radiohead's Climbing Up The Wall amongst many others and have a wildly acclaimed first album Simple Things which has the hit In the Waiting Line which i basically listen to hours on end obsessively sometimes. This band is relatively new to the scene compared to Nitin Sawhney and Roni Size but is admired by them all the same. This genre of music is probably the closest to getting to being tripped out without drugs and I actually once told someone, it's probably better to have sex to than Barry White :P. You can sample their music on their site, I have put the link under Random Links on your left.

Warning: not for those who can't take anything else but hard rock because you prolly won't appreciate the electronic-ness of the sound

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{Sunday, May 02, 2004 . }

excellently inspired stuff! visit Toothpaste for Dinner today!

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{Saturday, May 01, 2004 . }

Funky link with person and loads of beep beep horn thingys.

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