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{Sunday, September 25, 2005 . }

It is sites like this one that make me want to hurl.

Apart from that shall be posting on an inane topic such as my intelligence. Or intelligence. Will think about that as I go along I suppose (I love spontaneous blabbering).
Well, I think wisdom is overrated. It's really not difficult to figure what's right for you. But what's hard is to see if you're willing to compromise/change for it. What if I choose to be foolish? A waste, but by whose standards? Will the fact that I am still somewhat more coherent in my thinking than the average chimpanzee permeate through my choice for being less of a genius?
The prompt for such a move would be the general assessment of how it seems like smart people seem to be tortured souls who revel in their melancholy, or have transcended the state of affairs on this earth so much, they are pretty much on their own plane. The former I think tend to make better lovers, the latter, better aliens. Despite that comment, what if I want to remain that one person for whom the simple lessons from Aesop's apply through and through, giving up my compelling need to analyse every single happening of the day, prioritized by the insane order my brain seems to follow separate from any other part of my being.
But yeah, perhaps the choice would come from the reluctance of letting go other values I hold closer to myself, like loyalty and my tenacity to charge through things I don't like. Not only that, I perhaps have had enough of smart people who are pricks, dumb nice people are just much more pleasant to have to deal with despite the frustrating nature of interacting with them (you can always use your power to IGNORE, it's much less strenuous). It's analogous to the whole idea that the bigger you are, the harder you fall. The smarter the person, the more potential they will be able to screw you over in this rat race of every man for himself we lovingly call "Planet Earth".
Then again, maybe we ALL have our priorities wrong. Look at how we have evolved as humans, with regards to our value systems. Push aside instincts and the whole survival aspect of life and focus on how much we freaking don't value compassion and mutual respect as much as our forefathers fought for them. Today, intelligence is really measured in your inherent ability to set yourself apart from the rest without losing your sense of self-preservation, strength in your ability to hold up a facade that protects you from the active forces of society/people etc. The merit of putting yourself out there for the benefit of others has become admirable only when you haven't harmed yourself (unless you die for it...that's I guess mostly due to our regard for death being the ultimate peril I suppose). It has become stupid to be nice without an underlying motive. Because people are not. It's a standard we can't fight. Gahh at my idealistic thinking. That's stupidity bursting at the seams for you.
Yet I persist.

savoirefaire blogged at 10:14 PM

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{Wednesday, September 07, 2005 . }

If my heart was made of stone,
How would it feel?
Would it feel pity or pain?
Or would it have only the
Grainy grooves
Of quartz and tourmaline.
I never want to be
A heart on a stool;
But mostly would not want to be
The heart of a fool.
Okay that was an inspired piece after years of never having written so do spare me the criticism but if you are being constructive, drop me a line :P
But yeah, amazing what pain can do to your brain when it has to come up with such ditties. Ehehehe.

savoirefaire blogged at 12:24 AM

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{Friday, September 02, 2005 . }

hello world!
havent been online for a bit now, withdrawn from most of what normal life is like.
Hurricane Katrina did massive damage and so did life.

savoirefaire blogged at 8:00 PM

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